The Canadian Council on Africa’s New President

Financial professional Adewale Gbalajobi spent several years with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Calgary, where he earned several honors for his work, including the Achievers Award. Now he serves as the president of the financial advisory service firm Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc. Adewale Gbalajobi maintains memberships in professional organizations such as the Canadian Council on Africa.

The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) recently announced the appointment of Jean J. Gauthier as the new president and CEO by the organization’s board of directors. Jean Gauthier comes to the position with over three decades of experience in public service. A recipient of the PAFSO Award, he also serves as the treasurer and secretary of the Canada Nigeria Chamber of Commerce and previously spent time as a special advisor to CCAfrica.

Under its new president, CCAfrica will continue its work to promote economic development in Africa. Founded in 2002, the organization includes members from a diverse range of industries and educational institutions, who are all focused on furthering economic relations between Africa and Canada. For more information about CCAfrica, visit


Upcoming Nordstrom Gala Will Benefit United Way of Calgary and Area

As president of Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc., based in Calgary, Canada, Adewale Gbalajobi oversees the financial company’s offshore and onshore investment strategies. A philanthropic individual, Adewale Gbalajobi volunteered for the United Way and was chairperson of the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) United Way fundraising committee. Under his leadership, the United Way received more than $100,000 in donations.

Established in 1887, the United Way supports individuals and families by helping them to receive education as well as achieve financial stability and practice healthy living. Around the world, the organization maintains approximately 1,800 branches. One such branch is the United Way of Calgary and Area.

On September 17, 2014, Nordstrom is hosting a gala to benefit the United Way of Calgary and Area as well as the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. Tickets are $100 per person. Attendees of the gala can enjoy food and beverages and be among the first to view Canada’s first Nordstrom location before it opens to the public. For more information, please visit

The Service Offerings of Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc.

After Adewale Gbalajobi earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from the University of Calgary, he joined the banking industry. During his more than a decade with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, he took several continuing education courses in advanced banking topics to enhance his knowledge and his ability to serve his clients. Adewale Gbalajobi currently serves as the president of the financial planning and wealth management firm Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc., a post he has held since 2003.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Aquafinancial Consulting provides individuals and businesses in the Calgary area with a broad range of services, including investment guidance, estate planning, tax minimization strategy, insurance underwriting, education funding strategy, and loan sourcing, among others. Area businesses also benefit from Aquamarine’s expertise in private equity investment and health and dental insurance programs for employees.

In light of current economic conditions, Aquafinancial Consulting focuses on finding ways for clients to maximize the cash flows from their existing portfolios without much selling or buying. In addition, the firm is adept at identifying low-risk investment opportunities outside the stock market. The firm is committed to delivering maximum results while minimizing risk. Further information on Aquafinancial Consulting and its services is available on the firm’s website at

The United Way – Initiatives in Education and Health Reform

Financial services and management professional Adewale Gbalajobi currently serves as the president of Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc., a financial services firm in Calgary, Alberta. Putting his financial acumen to humanitarian purposes as well, Adewale Gbalajobi has helped raise more than $100,000 for the United Way.

The United Way serves as a coalition of charitable campaigns and organizations active in numerous countries around the world. Its various iteration seek to improve people’s lives through health, education, and income stability initiatives. With an emphasis on community impact, the coalition strives to effect real change by influencing public attitudes and determining and targeting the root causes of social problems. Additionally, the United Way strives to engage and mobilize the community, utilizing resources including time, action, and knowledge.

In the area of education, the coalition works to ensure early access to quality education, improve student retention and success in middle and high schools, and inspire more parent and community involvement in the education system. In an effort to improve the health of the general populace, the United Way advocates for public policy reform to increase health coverage for kids and improve mother and child nutrition.

Save Money on Travel in 2014

Business leader and financial services professional Adewale Gbalajobi has held numerous executive positions, including president of Aquafinancial Consulting Inc., his current role. When he is not working, Adewale Gbalajobi enjoys traveling and eating a variety of cuisines, including Japanese and African.

Traveling is a fun but sometimes costly endeavor. CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg recently released advice for traveling during the 2014 season. Read some of his advice below:

Airfare is often the most expensive part of travel. One of the easiest ways to save money is by traveling during the off-season or by taking off mid-week as airlines will scramble to fill seats on less popular flights. Another tip is to book after the 7th of each month, as more bookings occur after paydays on the 1st and the 15th of the month. As far as when to book, schedule your flight approximately 60 days before an international departure and 45 days before a domestic departure.

As for hotels, the best way to save is to book early or to book late. Many hotels offer money-saving incentives to early bookers as well as slashed rates for last-minute bookings.

Essential Ingredients in Japanese Cooking

President of Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc., Adewale Gbalajobi enjoys a variety of hobbies, which include traveling, exercising, cooking, and playing sports. An avid cook, Adewale Gbalajobi enjoys a variety of cooking styles, including West Indian, Italian, African, and Japanese cuisine.

Every type of cuisine requires several essential ingredients at hand, and Japanese cooking is no different. One of the main staples of Japanese cuisine is Japanese rice, which, unlike Jasmine or Thai rice, has no aroma and is sticky enough to hold dishes like sushi together. Japanese soy sauce is another essential ingredient. Since there are several countries that produce soy sauce, it can be difficult to determine which products are truly Japanese soy sauces. Regardless of the brand, cooks can usually choose from two types, Koikuchi, which is black, and Usukucki, which is a lighter color but is more salty.

Sake, a Japanese alcohol that is brewed in water, rice mold, and fermented rice, is also a common ingredient, as is mirin, which is similar to sake but has lower alcohol content. Mirin sweetens dishes and is often used with fish to reduce the smell. When making Japanese curries, a common ingredient is Japanese mayonnaise. Different from Western egg mayonnaise, Japanese mayonnaise can be used in salads, sauces, and pastas in addition to curries.

The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Adewale Gbalajobi is the president of Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc., in Calgary, Canada. Focusing on wealth management and financial planning, Adewale Gbalajobi is a successful entrepreneur and investor relations specialist. Together with his team, he expertly guides investors to find ideal real estate opportunities that provide capital appreciation and regular cash flow.
With the recent housing market troubles, many investors are not looking to invest in real estate. Real estate investments can, however, be the right investment for several reasons—one of which is the potential for capital appreciation. Because the population continues to grow, there is an increased need for housing, and every year the cost of constructing new buildings and homes increases. Due to the supply and demand of housing, real estate tends to increase in value over long periods of time. Additionally, if the value of real estate is not increasing at a desired rate, investors are always able to make improvements to the property to add value instead.

Real estate investments can also generate rental income, which can serve as a great way to get cash flow and even prepare for retirement. When investors rent a property, they create regular cash flow, and if the rent being charged exceeds the expenses needed for upkeep, that cash flow is positive. Furthermore, rent tends to increase over time, giving the investment a potential for growth.

Families Matter Parent Coaching Programs

Active in philanthropy, financial services specialist Adewale Gbalajobi has also served on the boards of nonprofit organizations. One organization that benefitted from Adewale Gbalajobi’s leadership is Families Matter, a parenting education and assistance group that helps families cope with mental health issues by, among other things, facilitating effective communication between parents and children, enhancing the lives of each in the process.

Provided in the home of the individual seeking it and focused on ideal parenting strategies, parent coaching constitutes a major component of the work done by Families Matter. Based on current research in psychology and child development, coaching advice focuses on the development of positive parenting strategies for addressing the dilemma(s) at hand. Coaching programs include repeat visits and phone calls, ensuring that the assistance provided ultimately translates into positive results for everyone concerned. Common issues addressed by the programs include low self-esteem and aggressive, inflexible, or intractable behavior.

Adewale Gbalajobi – CCAfrica’s First Business Summit

As the president of Aquafinancial Consulting in Calgary, Canada, Adewale Gbalajobi provides consulting services in areas such as alternative investment strategies, portfolio management, and raising investment capital. Prior to this, he spent several years with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Adewale Gbalajobi is also affiliated with professional organizations such as the Canadian Council on Africa.

The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) will host the first Canada-Africa Business Summit in Ottawa, Ontario, in spring of 2014. This event will bring together business leaders and other professionals from across Canada and Africa to network and learn about new business opportunities. The summit serves to further the organization’s mission of encouraging economic development in Africa.

Those who attend the 2014 Canada-Africa Business Summit can choose from more than 25 workshops and educational sessions led by key industry figures. Some of the sessions will include personal success stories from business experts. The event will also include an exposition with booths from African and Canadian businesses and organizations and flash focus presentations from several CCAfrica member companies. As an additional benefit, the online tool known as the Business to Business (B2B) Networking Center allows participants of the summit to view profiles of other attendees and arrange meetings to establish new partnerships.