The United Way – Initiatives in Education and Health Reform

Financial services and management professional Adewale Gbalajobi currently serves as the president of Aquafinancial Consulting, Inc., a financial services firm in Calgary, Alberta. Putting his financial acumen to humanitarian purposes as well, Adewale Gbalajobi has helped raise more than $100,000 for the United Way.

The United Way serves as a coalition of charitable campaigns and organizations active in numerous countries around the world. Its various iteration seek to improve people’s lives through health, education, and income stability initiatives. With an emphasis on community impact, the coalition strives to effect real change by influencing public attitudes and determining and targeting the root causes of social problems. Additionally, the United Way strives to engage and mobilize the community, utilizing resources including time, action, and knowledge.

In the area of education, the coalition works to ensure early access to quality education, improve student retention and success in middle and high schools, and inspire more parent and community involvement in the education system. In an effort to improve the health of the general populace, the United Way advocates for public policy reform to increase health coverage for kids and improve mother and child nutrition.


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