Families Matter Parent Coaching Programs

Active in philanthropy, financial services specialist Adewale Gbalajobi has also served on the boards of nonprofit organizations. One organization that benefitted from Adewale Gbalajobi’s leadership is Families Matter, a parenting education and assistance group that helps families cope with mental health issues by, among other things, facilitating effective communication between parents and children, enhancing the lives of each in the process.

Provided in the home of the individual seeking it and focused on ideal parenting strategies, parent coaching constitutes a major component of the work done by Families Matter. Based on current research in psychology and child development, coaching advice focuses on the development of positive parenting strategies for addressing the dilemma(s) at hand. Coaching programs include repeat visits and phone calls, ensuring that the assistance provided ultimately translates into positive results for everyone concerned. Common issues addressed by the programs include low self-esteem and aggressive, inflexible, or intractable behavior.


Adewale Gbalajobi – CCAfrica’s First Business Summit

As the president of Aquafinancial Consulting in Calgary, Canada, Adewale Gbalajobi provides consulting services in areas such as alternative investment strategies, portfolio management, and raising investment capital. Prior to this, he spent several years with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Adewale Gbalajobi is also affiliated with professional organizations such as the Canadian Council on Africa.

The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) will host the first Canada-Africa Business Summit in Ottawa, Ontario, in spring of 2014. This event will bring together business leaders and other professionals from across Canada and Africa to network and learn about new business opportunities. The summit serves to further the organization’s mission of encouraging economic development in Africa.

Those who attend the 2014 Canada-Africa Business Summit can choose from more than 25 workshops and educational sessions led by key industry figures. Some of the sessions will include personal success stories from business experts. The event will also include an exposition with booths from African and Canadian businesses and organizations and flash focus presentations from several CCAfrica member companies. As an additional benefit, the online tool known as the Business to Business (B2B) Networking Center allows participants of the summit to view profiles of other attendees and arrange meetings to establish new partnerships.